60 years of experience in the industrial burner production sector

Sica S.p.A. specializes in the production of industrial burners for the power and energy, petrochemical, and maritime sectors.
The extensive know-how developed by Sica S.p.A., thanks to the numerous projects carried out over the years on behalf of major companies in the sector, and the complete, specialised production chain, make Sica S.p.A. the only qualified company for the construction of burners and components for burners. The burners and all components are subjected to frequent analyses and tests both during and after production. Sica S.p.A. constantly deals with inspection companies, certification agencies, and non-destructive tests, to ensure customers of the total quality of the finished product. It also takes care of all the logistics, from special packaging to direct transport to the destination sites.



Year of foundation of the company


The total area of the production site, divided into 7000 square metres of covered area (4 areas dedicated to production, assembly and
stores) and 8000 square meters of open-air area.


Burners produced over the years in the power energy, petrochemical and maritime sectors


Countries in the world in which Sica S.p.A. operates


Sica S.p.A’s know-how in the production of industrial burners and components finds its ideal resources in the design and production capacity of a constantly updated technological system and in its highly specialised technical team. We move from design consultancy and feasibility studies, to the prototyping phases and finally to the industrialisation of the product, certifying the various processing phases.


Sica S.p.As industrial process is able to satisfy any needs on the world market, in accordance with international standards.

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