All production at Sica S.p.A. is based on a construction process aimed at total quality in accordance with international standards, in order o provide added value to the final product and the service offered, guaranteeing worker safety while respecting the environment.

Total Quality Process step by step. From the feasibility study to the construction of the burner, with the highest quality.


The Quality Plan starts with analysing the type of burner to be manufactured and the specific industrial sector of application. In this area, the R&D department at Sica S.p.A. applies its many years of experience and is able to provide comprehensive data on materials and production technologies, to determine feasibility, identifying the best operating process. This makes it possible to obtain a targeted quotation for the entire production process and the final cost of the burner and its components.


The next steps are production and quality control. All production phases are accompanied by a series of inspections on production processes, supported by laboratory tests.


Once tested and certified, the finished product can be packaged and delivered to the customer.


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