All production at SICA S.p.A is based on a construction process aimed at total quality in accordance with international standards, to provide added value to the end product, the service offered, guaranteeing safety for the workers while respecting the environment.

Our Total Quality Process guarantees the highest quality step by step, from the feasibility study phase to the realisation of the burner.

The Quality Plan starts with a detailed analysis of the type of burner required and the specific industrial sector. Our R&D department, with its extensive experience, provides in-depth data on materials and production technologies, ensuring the feasibility of the project and identifying the optimal operating path. This allows us to provide a targeted quotation for the entire production process and its components.

The next steps include production and quality control. During all stages of production, thorough process inspections are carried out and supported by laboratory tests.

Once the process is complete and the finished product is certified, it is packed and delivered to the customer, ready to be used with confidence.

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